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Our Areas of Practice

We represent people in the purchase and sale of real estate in addition to our primary practice of assisting individuals with debt related issues.

In our rapidly changing economic landscape, financial uncertainties have a huge impact on the real estate market.  These conditions make it vital to work with a law firm that keeps its finger on the pulse of the market while providing impeccable service to its clients.  Here at Friedman Law Associates, P.C., our mission is to provide personalized service and unparalleled expertise and in the areas of Real Estate and Debt.  For well over a decade we have been a leader in our field locally and nationally and we look forward to meeting the continued challenges of the future.  Please contact Friedman Law Associates, P.C. immediately to find out exactly how we can help you.

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Whether looking to efficiently purchase a property or wanting to sell for maximum value, we are here to make sure the process is smooth and your goals are achieved. Our partnership with title companies, lenders, and real estate companies make us a vital partner for any buyer, seller or lender going through this process.  Our seasoned staff and attorneys have collectively handled thousands of successful real estate transactions and we look forward to putting our experience to work for you. 


Selling or purchasing distressed real estate requires very unique experience and there simply isn’t a law firm out there that can match our experience and success.  If you need assistance with a short sale, delinquent property tax issues, mortgage foreclosure, or bank owned/REO properties please don’t make any decisions until speaking to Friedman Law Associates PC first.  Homeowners, buyers, realtors and even other law firms have successfully hired our firm to assist them and their clients in this area of practice.  Let us help you!


As a former foreclosure attorney, our Managing Partner Lee Friedman, Esq has unparalleled experience in this area of practice.  If you are facing foreclosure or are behind on your mortgage and are seeking protection, our law firm is the place to get the right kind of help.  There are many real estate professionals and law firms that tout their expertise, but lack the experience and track record that our firm has.  We have successfully defended and saved thousands of homes across this country.  We are familiar with all of the most current modification programs, loss mitigation strategies and procedures.  We can assist with short sales and deed in lieu of foreclosure.  We will find the right solution for you and your family!


Friedman Law Associates, P.C. has unmatched experience in assisting clients with bankruptcy.  When facing mounting unsecured debt; credit cards, medical bills, judgment liens or trying to save your home from foreclosure, bankruptcy can be a very effective tool in protecting and defending yourself from creditors.  If you are interested in filing for bankruptcy or are simply looking to collect information for future use, our law firm is here to protect your rights as a consumer and as a debtor.


Through our years of dedicated service to our clients and partners, Friedman Law Associates, P.C. has compiled a network of attorneys to provide clients and firms across the nation with top quality services.  Through these partnerships and alliances, our firm is able to provide wills, estate planning, probate and administration law, medical malpractice, criminal defense and many other areas of law here in NY and all over the United States.